Dear Abby

this is totaly STOLEN from a mass e-mail, but it made me laugh my ass off, and I don't usually read stupid forwarded e-mails, but this one was worth it! Dear Abby! My husband has a long record of money problems. He runs up huge credit card bills and at the end of the month, … Continue reading Dear Abby


I *heart* snow!

Winter wonderland in East Harlem this morning… and on my walk home last night from the subway… Here’s looking out of our apartment window towards the park…. and here’s looking out my window at work, looking down, towards the street… The pictures cannot give the entire picture of the enormity of the situation. it’s beautiful, … Continue reading I *heart* snow!


I belong to an on-line supprt group, called Fertility Friend, and even though we are now adopting, I have bonded with some amazing women there. I HAVE however, experienced censorship and it is frustrating beyond belief! I had a political cartoon in my signature, and it apparantly had a website in its code. Their "charter" … Continue reading Censorship


It is FINALLY snowing in NYC - My heart is SOOOOO happy! We've been waiting for so long, and now it's here. The only bummer part is my SHOES are SO Not Snow weather shoes. The weather folks kept lying through their teeth, saying we'd have snow. I stopped believing them. Now I'm wearing 2 … Continue reading SNOW!