Is it possible to get overly emotional during ovulation instead of "pre menstrual?"Maybe it's because my friends Cat and S are having such a hard time, too... or maybe because I'm watching "Same Sex America" - a documentary on Showtime too (GO SHOWTIME - First, Queer As Folk, then the L Word - {drool} and … Continue reading PMO?



she chose the other family... and then our SW proceeds to tell us there's another "situation" a BM chose us and another family - it's a complicated situation, she'll call us on Wednesday, to give us a chance to process our feelings.fuck and wow at the same situation, the BM is due in August … Continue reading damn


OK - so here’s how it all played out:Yesterday, just 8 short days after we told our Social Worker that we would pass on “April 12th baby,” we get a call that another birth mother had picked us.And 4 other couples.Zoinks!Here’s the low down:Birth mother is 17, white and Catholic; blue eyes, dirty blond hair.Birth … Continue reading latest…