Why not now?

First off, thank you all SOOO much for the mooshy love, it's so awesome!I've pooped much today, let me tell you.So, many of you have asked why we can't bring her home now!A few reasons:1) The birth mother hasn't signed surrender documents yet. After we meet her, they will show her "what they look like" … Continue reading Why not now?


She picked us!

She's thrilled about both of us, and feels it's a match made in Heaven.We meet the birth mom on Thursday. WAAAAAAAY out on Long Island.If all goes well, we'll bring her (the baby) home on Feb. 17; her 2 month old birthday.OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGHOLY CRAP!


We'll know more on Monday.I'm sneaking back from auditions to update, as we just got another call...-Girl, born Dec. 17-Birth mom is 41 years old, mild pot usage, other kids are healthy-Has one gay son, thus leaning towards a gay family-picked us and one other family, leaning more towards us, will look at our album … Continue reading update

3 squared = 9

3 is mystical number in Judaism.Let's hope so.We got call #9 last night. Keep your fingers crossed.I'll write more about it when I can. I just don't want to jinx anything by divulging too much info. But I will say that there are circumstances about this one that bode better than the past few...