to sleep, perchance to dream…

We have all survived our first night together. I think she really likes us, and EASILY has us wrapped around her little finger.

Narda is AMAZING. She let me go sleep on the couch for 5 (Yes, that’s FIVE) hours! I feel like a NEW woman! They are both napping now, and I have to go tidy up and wash some burp cloths.

Her wonderful interim care worker got her hooked on the swing and TV, which we will evnetually break that awful habit, but, um, we might take a while to do that, because it can give us 15 minutes to go to the bathroom, etc.

More later, loads of stuff to do.

Wow. I woke up and realized, OMG – there’s a baby in our house, and she’s CUTE! And she’s kind of easy-ish, once we figure out her routine and what she likes and doens’t like. But um, there’s a BABY in our house, and she’s our DAUGHTER.

Holy crap!


21 thoughts on “to sleep, perchance to dream…

  1. Isn’t it absolutely glorious? Those first few nights with Lucy home, and not in the NICU, were like a dream. And no, you’ll be worrying for the rest of your life about your DAUGHTER! 🙂


    Did I miss the PO box to send a little something to?


  2. Not only is she your daughter but you are her mommies!

    Good wishes again today and hope you have a great weekend together.

    See you next week! 🙂

  3. WOW! Big congrats to you. See – you had no reason to worry – she’s absolutely adorable 🙂

    And p.s. don’t tell anyone, but parenthood is easier than they make it out to seem 🙂

  4. heh – the swadling thing worked for only about 20 minutes.

    She tends to sleep in 20 minute bursts. But we’ll get it right somehow.

    We’re all just figuring one another out right now.

    SO much luck to you guys, too!

  5. Now we’re on to the next phase of your journey…learning to sleep through tne night and keeping the cat out of the crib….Thank you for allowing us to share your journey with you!

  6. oh man, shelli. that is just the beginning. in a month, 5 hours in a row will seem like heaven. one more picture, come on! we’re dying here.

  7. I agree…been going back and forth between Flickr and here. 🙂
    We know you’re busy…lol…but we’re dying out here in internet land!

  8. hope the weekend goes well and that all three of you just spend lots of time loving each other and figuring each other out. your amazing parenthood journey has begun!
    can you add me to the friend list on flickr? on there i am doublesmithie. my email address is
    thanks! and congrats again!
    chris from ff

  9. Congrats to you! She is beautiful. Doesn’t all the pain of the past just melt away when you look into her face. I still feel that way when I look into Grace’s face. I’m with everyone else. We need more pictures. Best of luck to you.

  10. SHELLI!!!

    Just back from my business trip and went to the factory, kissed Arden and logged on here to see her…



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