Character love

So it started with a simple fascination with the diapers. The ones with the characters form the only show she watches - Sesame Street. (OK, and a little Bob the Builder on occasion, when I'm tired of cycling through the 7 episodes on demand and need variety, but I digress...)So at first, she didn't mind … Continue reading Character love



I have finally learned the "WIP" Phenomenon. "WIP" meaning "Works in Progress." I have TOTALLY been bitten by the quilting bug, and I love it! Sadly, this past week, I've been SO zonked after Malka goes to bed, that the most I've been able to accomplish is feeding the cats and doing the dishes. But … Continue reading The WIP

Because it’s families like mine…

that ruin the institute of marriage.hmmmm.andmore hmmmmm.Oh wait, and let's not forget our dear friend, Aahnold...You know? It's REALLY easy to find articles about Politico MEN who sleep around and violate the "institution" of Marriage. But stories like the above mentioned that appear within OUR families? RARE, if at all.I'm just sayin...


OUCHHHHHHHHHH Originally uploaded by shellipsm Stop fucking biting me, kid, OK?!OK - since I'd never say that to her, I feel i can say it to you.To her - it's "gentle, gentle, we don't bite."But Narda's in DC, and I have to scream somewhere.So you get to hear it - FUCKING OUCHHHHHHHHHHHH!phew.OK,Thanks,we're off to have … Continue reading OUCHHHHHHHHHH