“bye, bye pee-pee, bye, bye poo”

Malka has a new friend, Hannah.  She LOVES the book, the doll, the infernal song mentioned above, the dvd, you name it.  She LOVES her Karen Katz book about the potty.  She KNOWS when she's going. She LOVES to help flush.  She can hold it all night.  She held it for almost 2 hours when … Continue reading “bye, bye pee-pee, bye, bye poo”


Almost like winning the lottery!

I've never really won anything on line, except that one time, from the fabulous Juggling Frogs, I won an awesome book, that will help guide our gift giving with Malka. As you all know, I've re-discovered the art/love/obsession that is known as quilting. I've been REALLY grateful to Amanda Jean and her quilt-alongs, which have … Continue reading Almost like winning the lottery!